Spot On:

as I mentioned in a thread below my read is a great deal of this is being forced on America by investors in a complete digital economy and urban twits who think they can get everything over some ap on a smartfone.
it's a complete shit storm really, don't work at all in much of the Heartland
same with my arguments against EVs

Many Cities blew up taxation
that flowed to increases in lease costs in more urban settings
and yeah many of these businesses operate on incredibly narrow margins, I investigated after I was left wads of cash then chose not to invest
too many variables subject to circumstances well beyond an owner's ability to control

So your business fails
that means employees are dead in the water too
Now we have CONvid callbacks to work...
more to it my friend

First off under most reopening mandates we still suffer under social distancing dogma
that has huge assed affects on business
A resturaunt of say a dozen or more tables is reduced to half of that
it's financially unworkable for the Owner
Wait staff depends on tips, well you see where that goes under fraidy cat economics

Importing a young gal pal from Queerbec once the border reopens
real Rule 3 violation
She works part time in a joint in Montreal
Owner's are discouraging patrons from tipping
her full time gig at a titty club is shut down, likely all summer long, basically her current job just pays her share of rent in a flat with 2 other rule violations
well at least she saved up a nice wad of cash from the club

This situation situation is happening all across the 1st world

Some here wonder why AOC is silent
my read on that:

Now it's all about newz reports on clearing skies, less pollution
See that's how quick Captain Planet can save Mother Earth
mark my words here, that's part of what's going down BIO
an orchestrated and very deliberate attack by Greenie types seeking massive 1st world change mostly via media minions.

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