Well, here's most of the story over that Toad:

This actually all spun up in the late 90s due to boards like Tom's
bunch of cats with cash in pocket seeing a SOT as some sort of collector's license
These workarounds used to be promoted on Subguns, same with LAWPIG's horseshit who I tried to warn off from the stupid
still a bunch of seriously sketchy shit going on

for example building posties as range rentals
so far the bureau gives that a wink & nod, it can change overnight brother
under the GCA they can only be manufactured for development or sale to LE/Mil who are not buying say, STEN's

I have been far past my neck deep in this for some 40 years now
I guided quite a number of people through it well prior to yuppie SOTs in the late 90s, Subguns had a pile of clueless assholes who paid fees, got paper and did whatever they wanted
Never Ever did I Ever promote that
some folks got all mad over my hardline on this, I didn't want people hemmed up over shitty info
once it went online late 90s bunch of fools that could not even change plugs or drain oil on their cars went SOT manufacturer.
so they could play Warrior and show up at KCR for a handjob at the Subgun's camp ground
maybe buttsecx with Rachel...LOL

Yeah, I was there for some of that in the shadows
total of 3 guys from the board knew who I was and some vendors in the barn
hey, it was you fools who blew up Kenny's shitter at the campground
not to mention that fake SOT from IL
he was sketchy as all fuk from the get go

fair share here had no clue about NFA until the late 90s my friend

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