We taught tactical use of the 870 *Pic*

to DOD Police and Navy security (MAs). It is a good tool as far as shotguns go, and I prefer the Remington over other brands. BUT, they are heavy relative to an M4, and you really need to understand the limitations of your ammunition. OO buck lacks penetration in hard cover. effective range is about 25 yards. You can hit a B27 target at 100 yds with a pellet or two, but pellets will bounce off a good leather jacket at that range. Slugs can be effective at 100 yds, but you need to check your gun's ability to group there. Penetration is not what you think it is. We found it will not reliably go through a 3hr fire door. Car door yes, but can be stopped by the center console. ammo load out is also an issue, and the M4 or even an M16-A1/A2 would be preferred. the shotgun just does not carry enough ammo and you would need to remember to have pouches or sidesaddles for extra ammo. Weight becomes an issue.
I have changed out all my personal 870s in service in my "places" with AR/M4s. Even with sidesaddles the Shotguns cannot carry enough ammo for a good gun fight. Today's threats even at home are very different from 20 years ago. ... multiple threats, armed intruders willing to kill for a TV or phone.....
the 870 is still my first choice for cong chipmunks though. Dog know we are going to hunt when they hear that slide rack !

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