I took the shotgun class at Front sight

The problem is I can't hold a standard stock anymore because of a bum wrist. The other problem is I own a Mossberg 930 with a pistol gripped should stock. As everyone knows, the Mossberg's have a tang safety which is a bit of a problem using if you're grabbing the pistol grip like you're supposed to.

I asked the experts at Front Sight how to hold the shotgun while using the tang safety and they told me to use my thumb and you're just holding the pistol grip with the front of your grip instead of wrapping your thumb around.

So I'm taking the course and have no control over the stock at all. It's weaving all over the place. They told me to just push harder into my shoulder. Nope, no control. I didn't exactly fail the course but it was bad. I was very disappointed.

So many people told me to just get rid of the pistol grip.

Months later since I have so much baggage as a cargo ship, I'm laying in bed at 2 AM trying to figure out my options. I don't sell guns although that Mini-14 has to go.

I figured it all out and the next time I went to the range, it worked very well. You support the stock with the web of your hand and then take the longest finger of your choice and simply knock off the safety, rotate your flat hand to grip the pistol grip. Flat hand so a curled finger doesn't wind up hitting the trigger. Then simply grip as normal.

I even talked to the guys at Mossberg and showed them what I came up with. They were polite so I don't think they quite got what I was explaining or the wheels were turning in their heads.

The next time I went to a class at Front Sight for a pistol class, I mentioned the technique to the head instructor we had.

The guy actually sneered at me and told me they teach that technique all the time.


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