I'm sure some of y'all have been waiting... *Link*

...for this piece, I know I have. CDC has finally released some meaningful numbers. First, and we've been saying it here since Feb., 35% of cases are asymptomatic. They are also finally confirming another number we've been using here for 3 months: 40% of transmissions happen before people are symptomatic. Both of these numbers taken together make quarantine completely impractical unless GRAVELY warranted...which brings me to the next number.

They now admit that only .4% of ALL people who are symptomatic will die...that number drops to .05% of symptomatic folks under age 49 and get this: for symptomatic folks 69 or older, fatality rate is only 1.3%!!! And remember...this is only the SYMPTOMATIC folks. You have to divide all those number by 3 and subtract that to get the true overall mortality rate...that means the OVERALL mortality rate of covid, as stated by the CDC this week, is less than 1%.

Now that seems to me to be completely worth wrecking our country over...NOT!!

Yet even now the wrecking ball keeps swinging. (sigh)

Read it yourself, this is even a CNN release...apparently these folks are severely math challenged...


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