My BS alarm is going off.

Call me a perpetual skeptic, but why would drug seekers kidnap a child? Hey, I have a great idea, let's turn
a smash-'n'-grab attempted robbery into a federal offense that is guaranteed to get the FBI looking for your

Criminals are by definition stupid people, but there is dumb, and then there is DUMB. Even the stupidest
M-F-ers on the face of the planet aren't that stupid. Mom finally broke down from being chained to her
personal albatross and the bleak future of dealing with him for the rest of her life, so she offed him, and
using the good ol' tried-n'-true alibi blamed it on two black guys.

She likely smashed her car into a parked car somewhere and then choked him out and tossed him to the

Just wait a few days. The truth will out.

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