Typical story.

Grew up poor. Fat. By 16, she was a 'big' girl. Bullied. Left home to live with boyfriend at 15. No doubt older guy, and with no reservations about schtupping an underage girl. Joined a gym, lost the weight. Got a break from Pizza Hut getting noticed enough to be a contestant for Miss Universe.

But the damage was done. No mention of parents, let alone a father. In fact, no mention of parents anywhere.

Tats, ear destruction, multiple piercings, emphasis predominantly on looks. In fact, her only redeeming feature was her looks - and she was told that constantly. Inside, she was hollow. Shaky at best. Felt like the world was on her shoulders according to her.

Hit the wall is right. And no-one cared enough to see it coming.

She "passed away" is the postulation by those trying to commemorate her.

No. She killed herself. But just keep acting like you really cared.

One of the comments says she's 'dancing with the angels'. Sure she is.

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