Leupold, I agree, but not so much in the name any longer...

They make great glass, some of the best in the USA.
AMerican made, Bend, Oregon.

Try shooting Priarie Dogs all day glassing with a cheap scope and your eyes will go abso-F-ing-lutely BATTY!

I personally love the Vari-X3 line and own several. Latest was an older 6.5 x 20 VX3 I had sitting on the shelf. Almost stole it used at $200 but the guy didn't tell me about the ding on the objective lens.
I bought a new Remingtom .308 rifle with a 5R barrel and set it up for really long range fun....sent that scope back to Leupold and asked what they could do to make it suit my purposes?
They took it apart, replaced the reticule with a tactical setup with rangefinding markings for .308 match - 168 to 175 grain match king and similar. They added tactical turrets for adjustment and they replaced that dinged lens (the lens and that labor was free!). Then purged and sealed it all again for about $175.00. I have less that 400 clams into a 6.5 x 20 tactical scope now and it is amazing.

Try doing that with another brand........

That said, always have time for the Weaver "V" series...their variables are the best deal on the market and work great, very accurate and repeatable and great deals. I own a few and they are great scopes.

There are others, but these are my Favorites.


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