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Take It as gospel dude we are already good. That chink virus is dialed in for a specific
Target DNA. Everyone I know which got a taste of it . Got immunity right fucking now.
My youngest daughter got tested . She's immune. She never even got a sniffle.
Her having it and building immunity means all of us here got immunity.

We didnt get anything tougher than a head ache.

And its been a year and a half since me or the wife had to fight off the common flu.

And we just fought that off .
The usual sinus drainage then diarrhea. No lung issues none.
I dont think for a second this new spike in cases is the original virus, I dont believe it is
The usual expected mutation. This is a totally new breed of killer virus the chinks snuck into the US.

I'd nuke china just for trying to kill off all westerners.

And the liberals are bitching about Pompeo war mongering.
I say let the dogs of war have some fun. Maybe after the smoke clears all people of the world
Will seek true prosperity. Not this bullshit lie we've got now.

I'm all in . Dont even think of letting me near the foot ball. I'll smoke them all .

All the clintons would hear during their transpacific phone call is static.

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