Hunting is bigger in Texas than it is in Minnesota... *Link*

so I don't know where you are coming up with your bullshit. According to the page linked below, in 2017, Texas sold 1,566,049 Resident Hunting Licenses,Tags, Permits and Stamps while Minnesota sold 1,371,396 Resident Hunting Licenses,Tags, Permits and Stamps. I am sure you are going to come back with some bullshit about how all of your rural hicks don't bother getting a license from the man because they are so cool and outlaw and thus they must have guns(more horseshit from an obvious pathological liar).

The funny thing is-we have more hunters but most of the hunting happens on private lands. While there are lots of state forests, etc. that allow hunting, most people go to private hunting leases or other private land for hunting.

But keep spouting your bullshit, we are getting used to it by now...

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