That 1st group is the problem & I have been speaking about them for awhile:

this really isnt a "Black" thing any more than Obama was elected by Blacks

My Chicago buddies were all like you people elected that fool, not us
Black guys, particularly from Chicago had nothing good to say about Obama
they referred to him as a slick talkin' White nigga'
Black gals supported him heavy
White gals supported him harder than the Black gals
my own moms voted for the Black Jesus in 2008 and she had been a Republican primary delgate.

Mom was all about its time we had a Black president...sigh

She didnt vote for him in 2012
most blacks didnt either
only reason Obama got elected twice was the shit poor canidates promoted by the RNC
hate to say it but even Obama was a far better President than that scumbag McCain ever would have been

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