He's here. I suppose you could ask him. *Link*

I wouldn't expect anyone on board to expound on it here. Just not the proper thing to do. Hinkle, Doc Howie, whoever. I can say those two were good to me. Both rattled me with their personal events and I've never inquired past what they shared. Doc came on board and offered his penance to all of us. He apologized, and outlined his plan and path and progress from the lines crossed. I loved that guy. Probably the funniest mf I've ever seen on these boards. Serious about the right stuff and all else was silly time. The last guy you'd ever think would slip. I'd have lost a lot of money on that bet. His office pics were CLASSIC. Jason was just retarded and too edgy for his own good. But as annoying as he could prove to be, you kinda knew you were okay with his special form of retardation. Never saw him tilting away. But I guess he did.

Art is not going to shy away. He puts it out there. That speaks of review, acceptance and ownership. From then until now, I've never held the opinion of his presence being unwanted. That's me. Others may hold a different position, and I respect that.

I'd say just ask him. Ask for his email. He'll respond here or there, I'll bet.

He's not the type to back down. You want to fight him, you're going to get your wish. Toad is the same way. I'm part of that tardation triathlon, too. I do see a propensity to not back off bad statements, incorrect data or false suppositions. Heck, we all can be guilty of that on occasion. Guilty here.

I've had to apologize to a handful here. John in Texas is one. In the end, I suspect we both got educated from that. My being an arrogant prick to him served no one except my ego. I finally realized it didn't need the boost and he sure wasn't deserving of my contempt. That was all mine - and for me alone.

I'm shaking my head, because the current pearl clutching and hard cornered purse swinging is pretty much the roadmap John and I used to punch each other's dance cards. On the back side of that, I was a bit embarrassed by my tack - and I'm hoping the current players have a similar revelation.

How many oil derricks, cattle, guns per capita, total numbers of firearms, best chili with'd think we'd have learned by now. It's like a never ending sequel of Grumpier Old Men.

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