Thank you for this info. If you look close on the photos..

You will see that there is blacked out engraving of the original owner’s name and address (as required with form 1) when the original owner turned the rifle into a SBR. Based on what I can see that wasn’t blocked by the Microsoft paintbrush stroke through that info, the original owner lived in a town a few miles from where the gun shop is located. Maybe he died, maybe he needs money, maybe who knows... but this is a fun gun config I really, really want to own. it’s the only gun I recent times that has actually made me say... hey, I don’t need this thing, but I WANT it! So tired of seeing endless AR15 tactical bullshit at all the shot shows and gun shows. So tired of the same old same old. Then this one of a kind fucker comes along and my wallet gets all hard, and I want it for my collection. And someone else wins the bid, and now I still want it... and now my favorite gun shop may have sold an illegal gun... and all I want is a gun like what was auctioned. How many statues do I need to tear down and how many Wendy’s restaurants do I need to burn, and how many nooses do I need to find hanging in my garage for that one simple thing to happen?

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