Wonder what my bad aortic valve will do with a face diaper

I noticed when i had my annual physical a few days ago, my O2 went from 98% down to 91% during the blood pressure taking. I get dizzy and can black out if i bend over too long from a standing position. I can also lose vision in my eyes during coughing from interrupted blood flow, I am sure a diaper wouldn't help.

Playing the clock, here, 18 mo 'til medicare, though i can easily cover my $5500 deductible if i need that valve replacement before then. Also, the more time passes, the more improvements in mechanical valves will take place, the newest mech valve, which is inserted thru the femoral artery, does not require blood thinners, like older mech valves did.

My cardio doc said valves and placement procedures available in another 3-6-12 months, will be even better.

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