(Raises hand, reluctantly.)

I put on my AR500 a few weeks back just to remember how quickly (slowly) I can put it on when I need it, and walked around the house a bit, and then got tired (lightheaded) and had to sit down. I threw on my SCAR-H chest rig over the top with 3x 20's, my blow out kit, and 1x M18, and then tried to get out of it looking like a failed Houdini stunt where you're pretty sure he's gonna drown. After that, I put on my NV helmet and looked in the mirror: I have become that fat kid from the internet who's here to help you.

This next CW2 better get going, or I'll be limited to manning the pillbox of my home while having the wife-unit bring me Gatorade and Pop-Tarts for sustenance.

It's shameful. I blame Wuhan.

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