Now ask yourself if this is a designer disease to kill off older chinee?

The Wuhan weapons lab would have been working on customizing the attributes of known diseases in order to weaponize them; that's like breeding dogs for the specific traits that you want. If a country wanted to cull its older, non-productive population that provides little to the Greater Good (* the state, i.e., communism), how better than to design a disease that targets that population?

Back to your point about masks; a number of us have been saying this from the start - once Wuhan Flu jumped the chinkanese border, we were all going to get it. Today's global economy means that travel has opened up infection vectors that we can't control, esp. When chiner is trying to dilute the concentration by increasing outbound flights and limiting inbound flights to their created hotspot.

I continue to be a scoff-masker.

I refuse to buy into the slippery slope of control schemes which inculcate the masses to belief junk science and feel-good solutions instead of science-based actions with accurate tracking of effects to do what we can as a nation. A mask is a social statement of mutual concern - but has zero effect on mitigating infection rates, due to people wearing them incorrectly, infecting their sterile fields, and generally being ignorant about how virus' work. High school biology would clue people in enough to see the sham.

Wash your damn hands. Stay away from hospitals and ERs. Keep your distance from people. Don't let your tell you that mask is going to save you or anyone around you from getting the wuhan. We're all going to get it. Blame the chinee.

"Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither." - Thomas Jefferson.

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