Funny how "they" state what you mean by your language

But BLM head guy can say "While we have "this country" by the balls, they better give us what we want or we will burn "it" down. Then when asked what he meant, he says it could mean a lot of things to different people. No jackass, YOU made the threat, what did YOU mean. Then he claims if the country doesn't give them what they want they will burn "the system" down and rebuild it.

Ron Paul is exactly right. Before the Virus devastation was measured by how many people actually were expected to die.

Then it was measured by the number of hospital beds used or free.

Then it was measured by how many cases. Never mind how many cases had the result of a sniffle. Never mind that we didn't have any way to test before, so they were probably already there. If you really want to scare the people just before an election, hold back the testing then release millions of testing kits just before time to vote. You will find a huge increase in cases, that have been walking around at the beach, working their job every day, living a really good life, but were completely unaware because they were never tested and verified they have a virus.

I noticed during the Obama / Biden administration when the H1N1 came out, they did nothing and it killed a few of the people who already had weak immune systems and the world kept on turning.

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