BCR armor - fun with Italian plates, 1995 "kevlar" plates still stop .357 *Link*

Got some plates from sportsmansguide, item 2060-711566, to play with. Got 6 plates, 4 different shapes/sizes. I trimmed one of its waist "ears" that were meant to wrap around in a mil vest.

I took the pieces and duct taped them to 2 liter bottles full of damp sand to test. These plates are layers of Kevlar? fiberglas? and resin at least 20+ layers thick, about 6-7 mm thick overall.

All pistol shots at 7 yards:

.22 LR 40 gr. - penetrated about 1/3, slight bulge on rear

9mm 124 gr. - hit directly on a previous .22 shot, penetrated about 1/2 way, noticeable bulge on rear

R-P 200 Gr. JHP - cut neatly through about 6 layers, 1 mm, the bullet flattened, bulge on rear about same as 9mm.

.38 158 gr. Lead - scuffed the top layer, slight dent

.357 125 gr. JHP 6" barrel - 90% pentration, large bulge, but did not go through. The plastic bottle cracked at impact site, broken rib at least! But bullet stuck in armor plate.

55 gr. .223 - plowed through, but did not penetrate back of bottle. I could not find the bullet in the sand, it may have fallen out or disintegrated completely - not rifle rated!

Only 1 of the six plates had markings:

Systema Compositi Contratto 3761 DEL 22/05/1995 (May 22, 1995)

Not bad for $27 plates, 25 years old. I am thinking these would be good backers for the AR 500 Freeman small plates, or a lightweight "Memphis" vest.

I have pictures if there was a place to post them.

Any easy way to test what the cloth may be? When I cut the plates with a scrollsaw, it smelled like PVC pipe being cut.

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