Do you even read that you post Asshat ?
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"unless he wears the same damn mask every day for a week or month, which is just gross."

Fucktard, that is exactly what's been going on for months

Okay Idiot
you don the Diaper of shame to snag a half gallon of skim milk

Well moron, what you do once you get in the car again ???

yeah you take it off
So you have a bright Orange Biohazard bag in you fuckin' Prius Faggot ?
your facial Cotex is expired and you need a new replacement

So what you do with that potentially contaminated Sharia bullshit
you burning it with FIRE ?
nope you just wear it again and again and again dont you ya fuckin' twat

TC jus' donna wanna be the nail that sticks up
guys like you are seriously pathetic

look retard
the masks you wore in a damn mill or body shop are not M95s and do very little
like wearing a bandana little

and yeah M95s lower respiration you asshat
they need too

Laughed my ass off today
thirty somthing
Face Shield
Gauntlets up to his elbows

He was another Karen bitch like you today who claimed by not wearing your diaper I was endangering him
Told him
Fuck off, get a new job then twit

dont be that twit TC

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