Watching combat videos on youtube amazes me in one way:
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How fast a nice area can be absolutely rendered into smoking rubble at the drop of a hat.

I remember one video, y'all remember this, where a BMP stalls out. Crew just leaves it there, with back door open. Thieving locals get inside to steal everything not tied down. Some dumbass triggers a burst from the auto cannon. Those few shells whistled down the street and completely blasted the front off of a store.

If we get into Civil War II, there would be terrible carnage. One one hand, war is terrible. Period. On the other, you'd get tons of little white idiots burning down everything in sight because bwack w'ives matta. Only later would the reality set in that, ya, you fucked yourselves when you thought you were fucking everyone else. And then the time would come where anybody wearing black clothing and masks or overt leftist political shirts would be fair game. I know for me it would.

And do you notice this: The little candies are so tough when it's safe, but when the shooting starts everything goes to hell. The AD at the black people with gunz party just recently shows that. Everybody out there stancing tough, but when the single shot goes off everybody holding they nutsacks thinking about running. Some dumbass black chick yelling 'take a knee!, take a knee!' and general stupidity.

People THINK they want a war, but what they don't realize is that they absolutely, positively really don't. But unfortunately, it looks like we might actually have to fight that war to understand that we don't want to fight that war.

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