Who cares? Watching schportz is for fagz

Watching sports is a complete waste of time if you're not participating in the
sport itself.

I couldn't care any less whether my Alma Mater wins another national title in
either (SEC) Ape ball, or (NCAA) Gorilla ball; I wouldn't watch any of their
games. My idea of a social activity doesn't include sitting on my ass with
friends in front of a TV chugging beer either in a bar, or one of their houses.

I can drive to either the Atlantic, or the Gulf of Mexico in under an hour, or
any one of dozens of springs within a 40 minute drive. There are a plethora
of hiking trails within a 10 minute car ride from my house. Nothing beats
the great outdoors. Why would anyone want watch other people doing
something, when there's so much more that could be accomplished with
the free time?

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