Trijicon TA47G-4, 2x20, green crosshair

Perfect optic for around the house, as your cheek weld properly placed makes it the equivalent of a close in red-dot but with a larger green "+" to aim with. Bindon aiming let's your eyes switch for both eyes open, and low 2x magnification is enough to be useful at range, and at night, just put green on target and pull the trigger. I have it coaligned with my Steiner DBAL2 so the green laser points at the green + at all ranges, with IR slaved, you know where it's going to hit with helmet mount NVGs.

It's not cheap, but used or on a promo with a new stocking dealer they're out there for about $800 vs. $1200 direct from Trijicon. Carry-handle mount is standard - and my preferred setup so you still have irons and a QD thumbscrew to dump the ACOG, but plenty of flat top mounts out there, too.

Biggest thing: crystal clear optic during the day.

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