Re: What is it doing? After alot of steel-case

yeah it was only one partial mag (not a lot...maybe 15 rnds) of crappy tula steel then it choked thereafter ...using good factory brass at that point.
gun was relatively clean.
had to bang the stuck tula steel out w dowel rod.

yes i'm getting empty and live rnds jammed up in the chamber. Intermittent...a couple times per 30 rnd mag. Previously this ar15 shot FA 100%.

I did just buy some extractor kit from BCM and will inspect and install , etc. Hope thats all there is to it.


you can expect a dirty chamber, thx to relatively less obturation. So it's always wise to go from brass to steel. If reverse, clean the snot out of the chamber and lug recesses. Only broken case I ever had was a reload brass tracer following about 1k steel.

OTOH, if you're having dropped extraction (empty and live round jammed together) the issue is extractor lift and best addressed with X-power extractor spring or a ring insert.

And yes, HKs don't do any of this stuff, just run. :)

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