So, um, about this vest and the granny... *Pic*

I can believe the guys over at 4chan would dox this dumbass, yet somebody needs to have a talk with granny. Pretty sure this vest is a fashion statement and/or reflective vest. Did she want him to look good or wear something that might keep him safe(r).

As an aside, how many of the bcr community have NIJ vests and/or helmets and/or LBE? My plan for the riots (you know, when they get to sleepy touristy semi rural SC) is to not be anywhere near the riots. But if it came to an all out shooting match, no rules, my preference is to be out in the woods sniping from afar. Targets in order of preference: people with radios, people with megaphones, people with shooting sticks, people all geared up that look like they might have some taticool sense, man buns, etc. I’d save the guy pushing his quad girlfriend’s wheelchair for last unless he pointed it at some dude in a car.

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