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Got this in the e mail this morning. Well past my skill set.

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Firearm (Reverse) Engineering. SolidWorks CAD/GD&T. On site & remote jobs
Fort Smith, AR 72904
$10 - $25 an hour - Full-time, Part-time, Contract
We are a global firearms and ordnance manufacturer with local operations in Fort Smith, Arkansas looking to heavily expand our engineering and design operations. This posting is targeted for freelance 1099 Contractors, but we may also accept hiring full time employees if desired. Currently there is lots of work, so we have unlimited hours, and minimum hours will be discussed with pay.

This position is open to any of the following:

- Remote workers in the mainland USA

- Local workers wishing to work from home that live near Fort Smith, AR

- Local workers wishing to work in our engineering offices located at the FSAAP (FedArm) Plant 6 Office located at: 5730 N 6, Fort Smith, AR 72904

***If you are local to the Fort Smith area (& we register your ID, W9, and address), you will be provided a high-end PC with SolidWorks 2019 software to use strictly for this work.***

The offered position for 3D SolidWorks modeling and drafting will entail:

1. You will be reverse engineering various small parts to produce “blank firing” training replicas for the US Department of Defense. Replica weapons will range from handguns, rifles, shotguns, to various other weapons. The dismantled NON-REGULATED parts will be sent to you to reverse engineer then match into working moving 3D models. Thus the work involves:

2. Modeling such parts from physical samples (and sometimes online 3D models/pictures) to reverse engineer working manufacturable parts. Sometimes you will have some plastic injection molded parts and fabric & straps/buckle parts to model too.

3. Taking the 3D files and adding measurements and tolerances onto prints with high accuracy. Known as GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing)

4. Working with the chief engineer to review best methods for production of the parts designed, see below knowledge of manufacturing methods.

5. Working with our CNC and prototype shop partners to fabricate designed parts to tolerance and then guide assembly of the machines. If you can program parts in MasterCam and you are also a machinist, that is a big plus.

6. If your work is of excellent quality, we do offer additional work in our powered armored exoskeleton projects and autonomous robotics/drone projects too.

7. We are prepared to hire several contractors if we find qualified applicants at proper pricing.

These requirements below are necessary to apply to this job:

1. Very proficient with the above listed task for either role, do not expect any training for basic skills or a learning curve.

2. Must have knowledge of materials used in production of parts and tolerances for machining prints for such parts. If you do not know GD&T accurate prints with proper fits and finishes between parts, then DO NOT APPLY. Also be familiar with various manufacturing methods (casting, die casting, stamping, machining, forging, etc).

3. Microsoft Office (Word/ Excel specifically), must be very proficient in excel and computer tasks

4. Email (Outlook/Thunderbird/Gmail),

5. Skype software for screen sharing or calls with managers.

6. Ability to manage tasks sent via email and organize priority tasks + deadlines,

7. Prior experience is needed or formal training & certification. You will be tested before hire.

8. Onsite we have a veteran machinist and CAD/CAM expert with 15 years’ experience, who can do this work easily. He is being promoted to robotics design; thus he will review your work regularly and may be contacted if required. We also have our chief engineer/CFO with 1,000 years of experience who you will directly report to bi-weekly, as the project manager.

Average pay for this position ranges between $10.00 to $25.00 an hour depending on experience and skills after evaluation period and based on the worker pool we hire from. Note a lot of engineers are laid off during this current pandemic crisis, so keeping your negotiated pay rate lower will heavily increase your chances of being hired.

Your work is recorded via our work tracking software “Worksnaps” via webcam on non-computer based work, and productivity tracking on computer based work.

We do not micromanager our contract engineers, we give you a task and let you run with it with creative freedom and we check in once or twice a week. If you apply, PLEASE SEND a cover letter stating your experience in such roles and examples of 3D models or 2D prints you have made so we can know you are qualified.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Pay: $10.00 - $25.00 per hour


Monday to Friday
Application Question:

Are you proficient in Solidworks, and making GD&T accurate prints?
Contract Renewal:

Full Time Opportunity:

Additional Compensation:

Pay Frequency:

This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

Detail-oriented -- would rather focus on the details of work than the bigger picture
Autonomous/Independent -- enjoys working with little direction
Work Remotely:

- 10 days agoreport job
If you require alternative methods of application or screening, you must approach the employer directly to request this as Indeed is not responsible for the employer's application process.

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