My trick is do not answer....

...unless I know the caller.

Usually I have time to punch the number into Google and see if it twigs any of the 'robocall' lists.
Their system keeps track of how often a number answers. The fewer the answers, the fewer the calls.

Anyhow the pattern is five rings and a hang up.
If no massage is left then I block the number and get on with life.
Did that twice today.

The only reason I get them now is Im waiting on call backs from possible employers and can't afford to let some pass un tried.
I answer with a New York class "Yo!" and I don't hear a voice in about 4 seconds, click off and block.
If someone is going to call, they had better be ready to talk that instant.

That way I can denounce them properly, as only a New York'er can then hang up on them.
Im not above abusing random strangers who call me and waste my time selling me stuff I can't afford or don't need.

Jack Crow

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