I am not aware of any legit hate crimes *Link*

that is, in the past 20 years, with the notable exception of that moron, Storm Roof, and maybe that guy in El Paso's WalMart.

There were the Black churches getting burned a few years ago that were touted as Whitey going after Blacks. I think they found out it was actually a Black guy setting the fires. Then there was Tawana Brawley; and the string of alleged attacks on Moslem girls after Trump was elected that turned out to be fake; and Jussie Smollet; and the various hate attacks on Black college students who got threatening letters or nooses attached to their dorm rooms. ALL were fakes. And how about the bald guy who road-raged those that nice lesbian couple just because they were lesbos, and he broke the one girl's arm? Turned out their sexual preference had NOTHING to do with it. Jay Allen Barbeau was run through the hate meat grinder on social media for breaking that poor lesbian's arm. If you type in JUST his name in a search, all you get is the allegation of his hateful crime. If however, you type in his name and the words, "charges dropped," you'll find out that the accusations were a lie. That means that social media was so incensed about his alleged crime that all the searches were about that creep. But there was little notice of his exoneration. he was still a creep, but not to the extent that the lesbos claimed.
Here's just a quick search of fake Lesbian hate crimes:

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