Three People Arrested After Allegedly Trading Toddler For A Car

A grand jury has indicted three people on charges of unlawful sale, surrender, or purchase of a minor. Police say that Alice Leann Todd traded her infant to Tina Marie Chavis and Vicencio Mendoza Romero in exchange for a vehicle in 2018.

Police uncovered the trade after Chavis brought the child to the hospital with bruising. Officials contacted Child Protective Services, who interviewed Chavis. She initially claimed she was the child's biological mother, but then stated she adopted the two-year-old. When she could not provide papers proving she adopted the child, authorities gave custody of the infant to a family member while they launched an investigation.

During the investigation, officials discovered that Todd gave her baby to the couple in exchange for a car.

Authorities arrested all three individuals and they are each being held on a $50,000 secured bond at Davidson County Jail.

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