Easily 1.5 million apiece.

If the lawyers aren't vermin.

MGM isn't liable for anything, in my opinion. That pasty white weirdo is. But he offed himself, so it should be a dead end.

I was driving into Las Vegas on the heels of it happening and got there about 1.5 hours after he opened fire. It was bad. Metro and all first responders were taxed. That many wounded had the medical community at their best. They really were astounding. Citizens loaded wounded and got them to hospitals. It was chaos.

I'm not liking this, but if it helps everyone go on, then whatever the fuck.

Not that anyone gives a shit, but Bayer/Monsanto is getting fucked for glyphosate, too. I love the stuff, and buy the concentrate. Used properly, it doesn't do anything but kill weeds. I'm probably going to have to stock up on it. Wish I had some chlordane and R22 stocked up to use in mixed drinks with it. Use it for sunblock or antiperspirant.

Seeing Jason Aldean running like a girl in cowboy boots was the best takeaway for me. Having him take up gun control afterward made the vision even better.

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