I do not agree with that at all.

The reason you stated I mean.

But I do agree she should not have been a policer officer. We are 900 plus short of police officers in Dallas. Pick any city North of Dallas and cops make 10k to even 30k more than the political shithole Dallas is becoming.

I'm going to just pretend she knows the law well enough to at the very least, be ok to have a CHL. (or whatever the hell we call it here this year).
I think most people plan ahead of time what they would do if someone break in to your home, or you come home to an intruder.

I have already made my decision! The same as many of us here. Her decision was clear, ask questions latter, whether or not they are a threat or no threat. OK cool perfect. I'm cool with that. I would use a little bit more restraint if I felt I could do so in a safe manner, simply because of the messy clean up on my apt would fuck my whole week up. And I might just be wrong some how. What if I'd been drinking, I can't carry under the influence etc....

Our choices are...
1. Hold at gun point, 2. Shoot to kill, 3. Leave/run, or 4. Let/make them leave. Call the police before during after on all 4.

Her mistake was she knew she had every right to just freak out and kill the dude, but she was in the wrong home, turns out she fucked up and by law she didn't have a clear right. After the fact, and that's my point. You gotta really have all your shit together if you plan ahead to always jump to option 2. And she didn't.

She should have left herself just one layer of wiggle room or protection from the law. I blame her, and the city of Dallas both for this.

Now what would happen if he had shot and killed her when she walked into his home? I'm not goin to lie, me I would be 25% 1. 2. 3. or 4. If I want shoot her, I'll make sure I'm actually in the position that I 'know" I'm in. Just me

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