If you go over there responding
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to an ad, she's probably a scam. She will bring along a "translator" who you will pay, make you take her to nice restaurants, which have a special menu just for you with stupidly inflated prices (she gets a cut), and you will be shuttled around by a $50/ride cab-driver, who happens to be her boyfriend/husband. You will not, under any circumstances get the opportunity to fuck her.

If you want a Ukrainian wife, or from any other country for that matter, go over there and spend some time. Live there. Date. Get to know people. Just like here.

My relationship is not going swimmingly, but I have a 4 year old son out of the deal. I pay all the bills, and spend a third of my life there. But I don't get married, so she can't come here, get her papers, then fleece me. Pisses her off that I know the deal, and keep all the power. I am king, but a benevolent king. And once my son is in school so I have some free time, I will find a new girlfriend in the same city, since I am there so much.

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