Too bad the Clinton crime family has never been held accountable *Link*

for selling out American businesses to China.

Our representative voted for the 1994 Crime Bill and ended up losing his next election.No problem, he ended up being paid off with a business deal with the Chinese.

The lying lawyer weasel had a public meeting at our podunk courthouse and expounded on how he was a hunter and would never vote to ban any guns.


"And all Johnson seems to do is rubber stamp whatever Clinton wants. I voted for him last time, but I won't do it again."

Mr. Johnson looks stricken when told of Mr. Veldhuis's remarks.

The Congressman said he voted with Mr. Clinton on the budget, the proposed ban on assault weapons and the crime bill. But he voted against the President's family leave bill, the Brady bill and the bill barring corporations from hiring replacements for striking workers.

"My voting record is roughly equal to Sam Nunn's, in terms of being independent of the President," he said, referring to the Georgia Democratic Senator. "But that's not the perception. Somehow, we've got to make people understand that."


Scum Vermin's Glossy BIO

U.S. Trade Representative[edit]
In 1998, President Bill Clinton appointed Johnson to the rank of ambassador at the Office of the United States Trade Representative and he served for two and a half years as chief textile negotiator and principal adviser to both the President of the United States and the United States Trade Representative on all textile and apparel trade matters. Among the significant negotiations concluded during Johnson's tenure in office were the U.S.-China World Trade Organization Accession Agreement and the U.S.-Cambodia Textile Agreement. The latter agreement, which Ambassador Johnson negotiated with the Cambodian Commerce Minister, is considered a landmark in that it included, for the first time, labor provisions linked to trade benefits.[4] He also led the U.S. in WTO dispute cases involving textiles against the European Union and Pakistan and resolved other disputes through negotiations. Johnson was substantially involved with the development of trade legislation during this period, including the Trade Act of 2000 which incorporated the Caribbean Basin Initiative and African Growth and Opportunity Act.[1]

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