I guess I am... tired of the fights

I try to avoid Walmart.. mostly because of the Muslims and the Illegal Aliens (Yeah FU NYC).. Every damn time I wear my portable oxygen in Walmart some damn Muslim wants to pick a fight with me.. or I don't put up with their bullshit.. Lets see, knocked a couple of them out cold, reorganized a few testicles, pistol whipped one, nearly choked one to death with my O2 hose, stomped on a few faces, took the bluing off my front sight of my 1911 when I left full length scratches in their cars.. yeah two separate occasions.. Had a Spanish speaking women shove me to the ground but I recovered enough to smash a very large jar of whole dill pickles over her head.. that fat cow righteously dilled. All this in the last seven years, I will NEVER become PC.. I just want them all to leave my Country and go back to theirs.

Within 3 miles I have Grocery Stores.. Fresh Market, Smiths, Bowmans, Costco, Target, Kents and two Farmers Markets.. I shop all of them to save $ so I really can avoid Walmart.


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