Is there anything worse than working in a crawlspace?

Because I’m gonna argue right now that there just isn’t. Just finished two days underneath my house fixing insulation batting that had fallen down, some ductwork issues, and other stuff.

My crawlspace is the stuff of nightmares. It’s 900 sq ft, about 24” tall. Surface is sand/clay with a VERY generous random sprinkling/embedment of 3” blue stone. So no matter where and how you crawl/roll/scoot along, there will ALWAYS be a rock to punish you somewhere. Always. Then there’s the cobwebs. And spiders. And an anthill. And all kinds of crap falling into your eyes past your glasses while you reaching up working on stuff.

I feel like I’ve been hit all over with a peening hammer about a thousand times.

Oh, and whoever at DuPont invented Tyvek is a national hero. Pretty much the only thing that kept me from getting bitten by black widows on several occasions. Been there done that, it was awful and I never wanna repeat it. So thank you, Mr/Ms Anonymous shoe-staring chemist. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Seriously though, I’d rather work in a septic tank. Suit up, run an air supply, and shovel shit to the vac hose. At least there’s more room in there, it’s not filled with poison spiders, and I won’t feel like I went through a ball mill afterwards.

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