There is a reason for that. Should be entertaining. *Link*

The Democrats don't want an official vote, because if it fails, they look incompetent. If it passes, it will be an official impeachment proceeding rather than a few liberties of investigating it and hoping to find something to hurt President Trump in the next election on this baseless fishing expedition. Once it becomes an official impeachment, President Trump and his legal team have the legal right to subpoena numerous things to mount a legal defense. These things they may subpoena stand a much better chance of burning the Democrats who hold office and may kill a few presidential candidates chances of any election chances. The Biden and his son are currently being looked at. Seems they paid the son $50,000 per month by a Ukrainian oligarch while Joe Biden was Vice President. Lets start there and then subpoena everything you can on Pelosi, Crooked Hillary, Warren, etc. in the interest of mounting a defense of course. You have a right to know if these people are driven by something other than a valid investigation rather than a fishing expedition against a sitting President, who will be their opponent next election. I believe they already uncovered the Democrats were spying on him while he was running for election the first time, that should be probable cause enough to ask for numerous things to bury them. We know they are rich with skeletons in their closet, how about a nice game of subpoena chicken, bring it on.........

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