Once again - Stupid hurts.

12-Year-Old Boy Suffers Severe Burns After Attempting 'Fire Challenge'

A Michigan mother is issuing a warning to other parents after her 12-year-old son suffered second-degree burns while attempting the viral "fire challenge." Tabitha Cleary had to rush her son Jason to the hospital after his friend doused him with nail polish remover and set him on fire.

Jason says that the first time they did it, the fire was small and they quickly put it out. When they tried it the second time, the flames flared up and engulfed the young boy.

"[The] first time, [the fire] was little, and they swatted it off. Second time, they kept spraying [nail polish remover] on me," Jason told WDIV.

He suffered burns on his chin, chest, and stomach and had to spend four days in the hospital.

"I just want everybody to know that these challenges, or whatever they're watching on YouTube, is not worth risking your life," Tabitha told the news station. "My son got burned second-degree — and it could have been way worse."

The fire challenge has been around since 2010 and has resulted in the hospitalization of numerous children throughout the country.

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