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sadly i’ve got plenty of materials all it would take for the gov to raid me
is someone calling the feds .
i have smokeless powder numerous other materials gasp i have a mig welder.
then the feds plant schematics on my hard drive an there you have it
this guy was doing this so he could make improvements on his home .
i get this they are in the middle of losing the battle against violence.
i get it . but they don’t see how the enemies keep charging at the fortifications
of our country’s freedom . nd when it is all gone they will blame everyone
that’s a patriot. but you had bags full of black pipe connectors
gasp even had a threading tool . and he had 80 feet of 3/4 inch black gas pipe.

the truth will get trampled. all purchased had it been necessary in the end
to do my own gas line install for my new gas range . but holy smokes
he still has the material .

citizen your lacking the proper permit so you are now
guilty until proven innocent of possession of pipe bomb making materials
well officer the pipe has not been touched by me with a pipe cutter .
do you have a pipe cutter citizen , oh the horror i do officer.
ever worked in a machine shop citizen , yes .
detain this man he is a threat .
multiple beatings later, with the oak shampoo.
i would say anything they told me too.

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