Wife was just in a car accident.

Some old lady pulled across two lanes doing a left hand turn against the red and my wife plowed her 6 month old car into the old bat. Old lady was issued a citation, but the wife's car is royally fxcked. Air bag deployed, and she's got friction burns on her arms from it, and she has a nice seat belt bruise. I'm sitting here in the emergency room waiting area while she's getting checked out. The car was insured by Allstate, so we are sure to get fxcked. Being a brand new car I doubt it'll total. It's the most loaded version Nissan makes and has the sort of self drive (assist), 360° cameras, navigation, basically every stupid fxcking option you can think of. When we went to the tow yard to get her shxt out of the car the auto lift gate was acting up, and the car was hit in the front, so I imagine all sorts of hidden damage to the optional retardation system is going to start popping up.
Only new car she's ever owned and it lasted 10k miles.
At least she appears to be OK.
I'd post a picture, but I've only had this phone 3 days and haven't really figured it out yet.

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