Deal with your insurance company

Many people think auto wreck victims are gaming the system, but there are several medical issues that will not show until later. Tonights check up is a basic check, it would not show things that may show up a few days or weeks from now. Don't talk to the other insurance company until you have had time to verify she is really alright. I had a company ask me to come by and talk to them years ago. The lady plops down a tape recorder and tries to make a leading statement down playing my injuries like "and you aren't having any other problems?" I told her I was, and when my doctors were finished determining my medical status I would get with them for payment. You can sign off on the vehicle damage and wait until later to sign off on the vehicle damage. I used my insurance on my medical up front and allowed them to pay my insurance company later. This way I didn't have to wait until all medical treatments were completed to get them paid. If any medical problems, I would seek a lawyer if for no other reason than once you have one, they can't contact you personally until after it is all over. If it turns out she is fine after all is said and done, it was good insurance.

Glad she seems ok, many who are hit in a car wreck are not so lucky.

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