Been about three times last several years.

Around here, it's difficult to get a few things (like a bike tube or a tie) at short notice without going to Walmart, so the only time I go is when I've got no real alternative. I've spent less than $100 there in the last three years.

Honestly, the last straw was when we tried to buy liquor one time. I left the wife and teen son to check out while I went down to buy a pretzel. My son came to find me to let me know the cashier demanded that I come back and show MY i.d. before she'd sell my wife the liquor, even after she'd presented HER i.d.. Neither of us look under 25. And she was graciously cutting us a break selling it at all, because there was a minor with us. I've heard of them refusing sale because there were children of any age present.

They can make their policies as draconian as they like, but I'm not going to play along. F'em.

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