That's right! Because China

You know. The same country that Trump has gone after for unfair trade practices, industrial espionage, intellectual theft, and whose economy he has helped wreck over the trade war, is now Trump's confidante and close friend to help him get reelected. The last guy I knew who depended on the Chinese to get reelected was Bill Clinton, with the direct help of Algore.
You know, this is a great deflection by the Dems. They can try to make Trump look like a traitor and at the same time, do the bidding of their benefactor and punish Trump. Just like that bizarre attack by Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan against Trump, when it turned out that Amash had business ties with China.
Then on the otherhand, Trump has been portrayed as some incompetent baffoon that the world leaders can't take seriously and can't wait until he's gone so they can deal with a real adult leader, like Chief Warren. But now he is supposedly a crafty, manipulative, calculating, evil genius.

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