.Gov is borrowing ALL the money...

In case you haven't been following the FED has been printing and loaning out overnight to the Banking system between 50 and 100 billion every day for the last several weeks. This isn't cumulative, the banks return it the next morning and borrow it again the next night. The Banks are short of cash. I looked it up and personal income for 2018, for all people in USA was 17.6 trillion. If the average savings rate is 3%, that equals 528 billion. .Gov is now borrowing 1 trillion a year, the annual deficit. That means they are borrowing EVERY dollar that individuals are saving, and still needing 472 billion more...The manager at the Credit Union I bank at, a big one, told me about 6 weeks ago to make sure I didn't have more money in my account than the NCUSIF would insure. I thought it was a very odd statement at the time...I had people at the big gun show recently tell me that to get cash out of their Bank of America account, $2000, they had to make a call and wait for permission before they would give it to them.

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