It's exactly accurate. *Link*
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And more maths.

Your reply only confirmed what I said...

However, allow me to assist.

As of 1991 - Public Land:

Arizona 113,990 square miles total
Percentage of public land 56.8% (rated 6th highest in the country)
64,974 square miles of public land.

Texas 261,787 square miles total
Percentage of public land 4.2% (rated 45th in the country)
10,995 square miles of public land.

Arizona has five times the public land Texas does. And it's less than half the area. We do suffer fire restrictions, however. And suburban sprawl is pushing shooting areas out, but nowhere near as bad as Austin, or DFW...and so on.

I left Texas for Arizona in...1991. The BLM sanctioned range here is $10/day. Membership is $100/year. About 15 minutes door to door.

Again, in Texas, ranked 45th for public land - you either own your own land to shoot on (within legal requirements), you know someone who does (and you'll drive a good way to get to it) - or you're paying a stupid amount to shoot at a private range.

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