Re: Like the one that stole my SS drip tray for my Lynx gas grill?

been a lot of early am gun fire in my area. then this clown is snooping our street cant be a coincidence. my area the yards are filled with rott's pits and sheps.
and the occasional mongrel doberman im on first name dog wise with one or two of the pits . they bark at me twice then stand there with the tongue flapping and the mouth
drooling. this scoping my property goes on several times a year, no break ins for several years now , but cops take reports for the other homes break ins do the investigating nothing gets real serious till someone gets shot or stabbed.
i figure must have been warning shots . must have read a copy of joe bidens how to deal with robbers .
can someone publish a copy as an illustrated comic short. i can always use a good laugh.

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