So, what you're saying is...
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Because AZ has about 64,746 square miles of public land versus TX having 10,995 square miles of public land then AZ is therefor superior in terms of a place to shoot? About 6 times better or there abouts? Well, gee, I guess you're right on that account insofar as the maths are concerned. In 1991, that is. Shame on your ass if you want to shoot in the summer and can't find a tree for some shade, huh?

Y'all got lots of roads out there to get on all that public land so you can go shoot? There seem to be lots of roads here.

When I think about it, that sounds kind of commie; the state owning all that land and all. Is it because nobody wants it or are they a bunch of commies running the show over there? Just think of how inexpensively you could buy your own place to shoot if the state put all that land up for sale all of a sudden.... Why, hell, you could be a land baron like the ones we have in TX.

You said "shooting in general". Errrbody knows we shoot the hell out of anything that moves and some things that don't
around here. That whole sentence about land being grabbed up over oil is a batch of crap. Hell, they were grabbing up land for cattle long before oil came along and besides that, nobody was forced to sell their land that I know of so who is this "they" you're talking about that came along and took the state's and everybody else's land so ol' BCR #1911 couldn't have a place to shoot a hundred years later?

I used to be a member of a range over by the coast until I moved further inland. It was $180 a year and they allowed MGs once you took their little proficiency test to make sure you weren't gonna scatter rounds all over the world. I left there in '02 and since then I haven't paid a range anything except for KCR a few times and that place in TN but I still shoot and I don't have to go very far to do it.

Are you sure you're not displeased about a place to shoot in TX because maybe you think the state ought to provide you somewhere to do it for free? I just don't know how you could say such a thing about your former home otherwise. Well, maybe you weren't too friendly with some landowners; that could have been an issue but I don't know.

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