Pretty much.
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The numbers don't lie. And do you think they've changed much, percentage-wise, from 1991? 6 to 1 is a pretty large gap to overcome. The largest factor is Arizona was the 48th State - and had a bit more time to see where the other states screwed up. And the Federal Government took up large swathes of land here - it was a territory long before it was a state. Goes with the territory - pun intended.

Cattle? Again, nope. By 1890, the cattle industry - open range grazing, was largely dead. Much smaller, closed ranches became the norm. The necessity for large tracts of land plummeted. That's the reality. Around 1900, the Spindletop oil strike changed everything. Up until then, agriculture, timber, and ranching were the leading economic engines of Texas. That quickly changed. By 1940, oil exceeded all of those. During those 40 years - virtually every stitch of land was privately purchased by private parties. There were huge spans of land not suitable for cattle grazing, both before and after the practice of open grazing. Oil put the nail in the coffin for public land in Texas. My reference to private land being ended by oil in Texas is spot on. You might want to learn more about your own state's history. If for no other reason than to not have it tipped back at you.

Shooting in the summer? You go in the morning or afternoon. That's one of the best things about Arizona. The climate keeps the less hardy souls away. I guess you need shade to shoot under in Texas? Texas has come a long way from the men at the Alamo. Sounds like those Texas land barons have domesticated you quite well.

We have ample roads to access the 5-6 times more public land than the serfs of Texas do. I find it cute that you have all those roads, leading up gates to or paralleling fences that say no trespassing to the commoners.

I didn't care for the shooting situation in Texas for the exact reasons I stated. And it's been that way since before you and I were born - and it still sucks today. If anything, it has gotten worse.

Wikipedia: "Residents of Austin are known as Austinites. They include a diverse mix of government employees, college students, musicians, high-tech workers, blue-collar workers, and a vibrant LGBT community." Another entry is: "Austin is known as an enclave of liberal politics..."

Commie, commie!

We can shoot MGs here, no 'tests' required. Pay your $10 for the day or $100 for the year and pew-pew-pew away. Hardly 'commie'.


Commie would be being forced to have a license for open carry. Arizona has had open carry forever. Before I even got here. Texas, not so much.

Commie would be licensed only concealed carry. Arizona has Constitutional carry. Even Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders the Commie's Commie - has had Constitutional carry forever. Texas, not so much.

Public land to shoot on? Texas?

Not so much.

Glass houses.

Has anyone found an outdoor range around Austin to shoot MGs?

Bueller? Bueller?


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