My VERY true story...

Around 2010 my Uncle south of Tacoma was calling Dad and I
Druggies he claimed were hitting his home daily
well, we kind of balked at all that, Crazy Uncle thing
I offered to come out, he didn't want me getting involved...Okay K

This started in maybe early June, by late August I get a phone call from the County Sheriff
well it turns out everything he stated was true
by that point we figure they had looted well over a thousand guns from his home minimum

I stopped much of it once I arrived, I'm not a very nice guy when it comes to family
Pierce & King County coppers were snagging all sorts of guns in Meth raids even two very clean unregistered 1921 Colts and a 28' Savage
uncle was old school, accumulated many naughty things
Told them, keep them. They were very willing to return them intact which upended some of my belief systems

Want crazy ?
They were yanking copper pipe out when there were stacks of Opiate pain pills left in the bathroom
he refused to use them

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