Pictures help. *Link*
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Don't believe me. Trust the USGS.

Scroll down to the third map. Click on it.

Then go just below the map under Detailed Description. Click on the link.

Scroll down to Downloadable PAD-US 2.0 National Maps.

Notice the "Public Access" map. Viewable and Downloadable in pdf or jpg formats.

Look at Arizona.

Look at Texas.

Ain't that something.

Our Oligarchs (Federal and State) allow us unwashed masses access with minor restrictions.

Your Oligarchs don't allow you access unless you're juiced in. Because they own 95.8% of the land in the state.

Here's another fun fact.

The top 20 Indian tribes in Arizona have about 33,720 miles of land to shoot all the machine guns they want.

That's over three times what Texans have.

So much for Texas 'Cowboy's'.

You go there, Cowpoke.

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