Hitler would have been an impoverished Bohemian artist

Even though the US remained "neutral" from 1914 to Wilson's reelection, our banks lent money and our businesses gave war material to the Allies, which encouraged them and kept the war going. Had Wilson said, "Look, bitches. If you want a war, go ahead. But you will get -0- aid from us. No materials, no food for your troops, no material, no medicines, and no lent money from our banks," I doubt there would have been the war that became La Grande Guerre, WWI.

Had the CSA been left alone, would have there have been Woodrow Wilson? Would have WWI happened? If there was no WWI, there would have been no Hitler. The Bolsheviks would have been defeated by the Mensheviks, and had they attempted their revolution, they would have been crushed by the Czarist army, and Lenin would have been a minor character, and Stalin would have died in prison.

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