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What I said regarding shooting in Texas was, "You either own your own land to shoot on (within legal requirements), you know someone who does (and you'll drive a good way to get to it) - or you're paying a stupid amount to shoot at a private range."

You've not challenged that on any point or level.

It's a lot different here. From available land to shoot on to carry rights.

The provided map does not lie. It supports my above contention.

Texas land, largely in private hands, and some in governmental hands, would not support cattle. Even more land fell empty as the cattle industry concentrated it's efforts. With the discovery of oil, all of that land was purchased with a quickness from 1900-1940 with the idea being oil might be under any or all of it. Leave no stone un-turned - just in case. It all happened before any of us were here, so arguing about it (how Texas shooters are all hat, no cattle or anywhere to shoot with almost no public land) is pointless.

I'll dabble a little. The Permian Basin. Largest oil field outside of Saudi Arabia. The area was largely cattle country but was always a hard press for ranchers. No water. Go look at who owns all the land there today. Oil companies. Many of them. Who purchased land from failing ranchers who were faced with competition of concentrated ranches with plenty of water elsewhere in the state. Now, look up the Fasken family. They are one of the very, very few ranchers that have held out. About 275 miles of prime oil property worth 7 billion. But they have refused all offers and all drilling. Now, you go find me another ranch like that in the Permian Basin. I'll grab the popcorn. Fasken bought the ranch in 1913 for $1.10 an acre. When the oil surge there was just ramping up. And we had a little thing called the Great Depression. Helped a lot of those ranchers sell. The Fasken family has held out.

And oil companies and private investors bought up every acre they could - because it just might be the next big gusher.

Cattle ranching, agriculture, cotton and forestry were the early drivers. But much land (private and public) lay barren and fallow as it was unsuitable for those uses. Oil prospects popped up and absolutely put the cap on any land they could lay their hands on. Oil companies and private investors bought up all the land they could. It's Texas history. Or leased it from private owners to drill on. Look up oil in Texas and it's out there. When they discovered oil in East Texas, the Federal Government had to send in the National Guard to regulate production to stabilize prices.

The land in Texas is largely privately owned because of OIL. Mineral rights due to the potential of discovery.

Buy land in Texas. Read the fine print. The mortgage. Who owns the mineral rights? It will open your eyes.

Has anyone found a good outdoor range to shoots MGs around Austin?

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